I am an independent Information Technology (I.T.) consultant who has been in the field for over 10 years. In that time I have gained experience in demanding manufacturing plants that operate 24/7, critical infrastructure facilities, and small office settings. Exposure in this diverse set of environments has made me a well rounded I.T. professional.


Unlike most I.T. companies, I do not sell hardware or software nor do I partner with vendors. Solutions offered will be based on your needs and not based on my relationship with a particular vendor. This enables me to have an objective look at your needs as a company. You will always get honest advice; not a sales pitch.

Security Conscious

I have learned much about security from working in environments such as: critical infrastructure, medical practices, banks and colleges. I've been hired to defend systems and penetrate them. I've learned that security is by design and is not a product. Security is a moving target that requires periodic re-evaluation.


- Jason Ellison